What’s the difference between a gaming keyboard and a regular keyboard?

If you’re about to buy a new keyboard in the near future, here’s what you probably need to know. There are many types of keyboards on the market, such as 40% keyboards, 60% keyboards, 80% keyboards (TKL keyboards), and 100% keyboards (full-size keyboards) by size. According to the type of work, it can be divided into membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboard and capacitive keyboard. According to the connection method, it can be divided into wired keyboard and wireless keyboard, and the two connection methods can be further subdivided… But these are not the focus. This article will introduce the difference between gaming keyboards and ordinary gaming keyboards in detail.

What’s the difference between a gaming keyboard and a regular keyboard?

mechanical gaming keyboard vs membrane keyboard

regular keyboard

gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards are keyboards made to better meet the needs of gamers. When playing competitive games, you need faster response speed, multi-button conflict-free design, and additional macro programming functions. In other aspects, in order to increase the fun and experience of the game, rich RGB lighting effects will be added. Therefore, gaming keyboards are usually mechanical keyboards with mechanical shafts with faster response and shorter response time, and the price is usually much more expensive than ordinary keyboards.

Conventional keyboards often prioritize practicality, cost, and impact on the surroundings. Therefore, ordinary keys are usually membrane keyboards with membrane lighting. The production cost of the membrane keyboard is low, and it can meet all the basic functions of the keyboard.

Advantages of mechanical keyboards

1. Long life

The shaft body under each key of the mechanical keyboard adopts a special mechanical switch. In theory, each of these mechanical switches can withstand more than 50 million taps. In addition, most mechanical keyboards use a replaceable shaft design. Even if a key shaft is damaged, you can buy a new one or replace it with other key shafts.

2. Unique and rich touch

Keyboard switches

The shafts of mechanical keyboards are rich in classification, the common ones are green shaft, red shaft, black shaft, brown shaft, light shaft, white shaft, etc. The pressing feedback of each shaft body is different. In general, it is mainly divided into the following three types of axes:

  • Linear axis

The feel of the linear axis is straight up and down, there is no obstruction except for the spring pressure, and there will not be a lot of sound during the pressing process, which means that the axis is a red axis.

  • Silent paragraph axis

The silent paragraph axis, also called the ruo paragraph axis, has a small bump on its foot. Because the bulge is small, the feeling of falling is not strong, and because the bulge part is on the upper part of the small foot, the paragraph feeling is behind. The feel is first straight down a paragraph, then a slight paragraph feeling, and finally bottoming out. The representative axis is the tea axis

  • Audio paragraph axis

The sound section shaft is also called the shrapnel sound section shaft. When the shaft is pressed down, the switch cap slides down rapidly under the elastic force of the shrapnel, and the metal shrapnel on the outside will quickly fit together with the inner metal shrapnel because there is no obstruction. , making the sound of metal flakes crashing. The representative shaft is the green shaft. This shaft has a strong typing touch and a loud sound. The pressure is 60g, which is not suitable for use in public places.

3. Multi-key no conflict

Most mechanical keyboards can achieve 26 keys without conflict, some mechanical keyboards can achieve full-key conflict-free, while membrane keyboards are usually 2-key or 3-key conflict-free, and a few can achieve 5-key or 6-key conflict-free, There are very few conflict-free membrane keyboards with more than 6 keys.

4. Personality DIY

Most of the shafts and keys of a mechanical keyboard are detachable. You can change the keycaps of different colors for some special keys of your keyboard, or replace the shafts with different shafts. Different keycaps make certain keys more recognizable, allowing you to locate them accurately and quickly. Different shafts can bring different touches and enjoy different fun.

5. Rich RGB lights

Each key of the mechanical keyboard will be equipped with RGB light beads of rich colors. At least, the light beads of each key can emit 7 red colors. Some have rainbow lighting effects, the color of each row is the same, and the basic point is that the lighting color of each row is still the same when changing the lighting effect. Other mechanical keyboard lighting colors do not have clear requirements, and only need to meet specific shapes when changing. In addition, some advanced and blood-sucking keyboards come with light and music rhythm effects, and the color of the light will change accordingly with the change of the music rhythm, which looks pleasing to the eye.

6. Macro programming function

Some mechanical keyboards support the function of macro programming. Through the software, a series of keyboard operation behaviors can be stored in a key, so as to improve the input efficiency. For gamers, recording a series of operations in the game into one button can save time and simplify operations to the greatest extent.

Disadvantages of mechanical keyboards

1. High price

The shaft body of the keyboard was once monopolized by the German cherry technology, so there are relatively few manufacturers and the price remains high. Although there are more and more manufacturers of shafts in recent years, and the price has dropped to a certain extent, because each key needs a separate shaft, equipped with RGB lights, and some other complicated processes, it is relatively For a simple membrane keyboard, the price is still much more expensive.

2. Heavy weight

Due to the complex structural design of mechanical keyboards, and most keyboards use steel plates to fix the keyboard shaft, the weight of mechanical keyboards is usually heavier. Usually a full-size mechanical keyboard weighs about 1kg, which is almost double that of a membrane keyboard of the same volume.

3. Poor waterproof

At present, the membrane keyboards of the main game have the function of preventing liquid splashing, and some membrane keyboards with fine workmanship can be washed directly with water. However, the mechanical keyboard has always been a weak point in waterproof design. The mechanical keyboard accidentally enters the water during normal operation. If the power is not cut off in time, it will easily cause permanent damage to the keyboard. Although some waterproof mechanical keyboards have been launched now, a waterproof baffle is actually added to the outside of the shaft body. This baffle is higher than the keyboard panel and tightly wraps the shaft body, plus the height of the keycap. , a small amount of water splashed on the keyboard can be prevented, but too much water can not achieve waterproof effect.

Advantages of membrane keyboards

1. Low price, high cost performance

The biggest advantage of membrane keyboards over mechanical keyboards is price. Common membrane keyboards on the market, usually available for a few dollars, provide all the basic functions you need to use your computer. Mechanical keyboards cost as little as double digits to buy.

2. Quiet

Another advantage of membrane keyboards is that they are quiet. The bottom of the keys of the membrane keyboard is a soft silicone membrane, which does not produce too much sound when the keys are pressed. Some mechanical keyboards will make a loud clicking sound after the shaft is pressed, which is not suitable for use in some occasions.

3. Light weight

The membrane keyboard does not need to be fixed by built-in steel plates, nor does it have an independent shaft. The switch below is a thin and soft silicone membrane, which will be lighter in weight. And in terms of keyboard thickness, membrane keyboards can also be made thinner.

4. Waterproof and dustproof

Because the membrane keyboard has been developed for a long time and the related technology is more perfect, the waterproof and dustproof effect of the membrane keyboard will be better than that of the mechanical keyboard. Part of the membrane keyboard closes the entire circuit board, which can achieve complete waterproof effect. Even if the entire keyboard is washed in water, it will not affect the use.

Disadvantages of membrane keyboards

1. The keys are easy to fade

Most membrane keyboard keys use laser electroplating to print the characters on the keys. After a long time of use, the characters on the keys are easy to be erased, and finally the characters corresponding to the keys cannot be identified, and the aesthetics of the entire keyboard is affected.

2. Button Conflict

At present, the membrane keyboard usually supports 4-6 keys without conflict. When performing some game operations, the key conflict may occur, which affects the actual use.

3. Short service life

The keys of membrane keyboards are usually several million to 10 million times, which are more easily damaged than mechanical keyboards. And the contacts of the membrane keyboard are rubber, the rubber is more prone to aging, the maintenance after aging is also more troublesome, and the maintenance value is also very low.

Conclusion: For gamers who love gaming, gaming keyboards are really worth buying, whether it’s a unique feel, rich RGB lighting, multi-key or full-key conflict-free design, or longer lifespan, these All are very attractive to gamers. But for ordinary business use, or just want to buy a keyboard with normal functions and don’t need other fancy things, then the price is the last word, and the membrane keyboard that you can buy for a few dollars is the best choice.

Next, I will recommend several cheap gaming mechanical keyboards under the Cool Burn brand, ranging from $16 to $40, covering 3 sizes of 60%, 80% and 100%, they all have good looks and good quality quality, hope you are interested in them.

USB Wired 60/80/100 Percent Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Led Backlit Cool Burn

1.Bluetooth Wireless USB Wired Rechargeable 3 Mode RGB Gamer Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with wrist Rest

Interface: Wireless and wired(Bluetooth/2.4G/USB C)
Number of keys: 61,87,108 keys
Light color: RGB Light
Anti-ghosting: All Keys
Rechargeable: YES
Switch (Shaft): Mechanical (Blue Switch)
Palm rest: Support
Response rate: 1000Hz
Ergonomics: Support
Custom: Support
Price: $38.5

This is a very good gaming keyboard, the shaft body adopts green shaft, the percussion feedback is very strong, and there are more than 10 RGB lighting modes. It is one of the few keyboards on the market that has 3 connections, including Bluetooth, USB wired and 2.4G receiver connections. A total of 3 sizes are available, 60% 61 keys, 80% 87 keys, 100% 108 keys, and the largest size comes with a hand rest. It supports anti-ghosting on all keys, even the maximum size of 108 keys.

2.Bluetooth Wireless Rgb 60 Percent Mini Pink/Blue Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Deals China Manufacturer

Model: CB-K28
Number of keys: 61 (60% mini)
Material: ABS
Interface: Wireless and wired(Bluetooth/USB C)
Light color: RGB Light
Anti-ghosting: All Keys
Rechargeable: YES
Switch (Shaft): Mechanical (Tea/Red/Green axis)
Ergonomics: Support
Color: Black/White/Blue/Pink
Feature: One Keyboard For Two Or Multiple Computers
Price: $28.5

CB-K28 is a mini bluetooth and USB combined keyboard. The whole fuselage mini is compact and very delicate, suitable for home travel or to carry out. It has a total of 61 keys, each key has rich RGB lighting, and supports full-key no-rush. In the Bluetooth connection mode, 3 devices can be stored, and pressing a specific key combination can freely switch among the 3 connected devices. It is equipped with a large 2000mA battery with a low battery reminder, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. There are 3 types of shafts, green, red and tea shafts to choose from, which can adapt to different customer needs.

3.Custom Wired Rainbow 87 Keys 80 Percent TKL Mechanical Keyboard Gaming China Original Factory

Model: CB-K550
Number of keys: 87
Material: ABS
Interface: USB Wired
Light color: Rainbow Light
Anti-ghosting: 26 Keys
Switch (Shaft): Mechanical (Blue axis)
Ergonomics: Support
Color: Black/White/Blue/Pink
Price: $16.25

The CB-K500 is a wired rainbow mechanical keyboard. No matter what the circumstances, the color of the lights in each row will remain the same, just like each layer of a rainbow emits different lights. The connection method adopts USB wired connection, and the number of keys is 87 keys, which is the TKL layout, which reduces the number key area. The peripheral body is a green switch that gives clear feedback every time it is pressed. At the same time, it supports 26 keys without shock.

4.Black/White Retro Typewriter Punk Full Size Light Up Mechanical Keyboard Game For Computer PC

Model: CB-K990
Number of keys: 104/108
Keycap: Punk/Square
Material: ABS
Interface:  USB Wired
Light color: Rainbow Light
Anti-ghosting: 26 Keys
Switch (Shaft): Mechanical (Blue axis)
Ergonomics: Support
Color: Black/White
Features: Metal brushed panel
Price: $21.79

Similar to the previous keyboard, this mechanical keyboard is also wired, and also adopts the design of rainbow RGB lighting and the mechanical axis of the green axis. The difference is that the CB-K990 uses a full-size layout with a total of 108 keys, adding 3 media keys and 1 volume key to the 104 keys. In addition, the entire layout of the keyboard adopts a brushed metal design, which looks more textured. There are 2 versions of keycaps to choose from in design, the normal square keyboard, and the retro typewriter-style keycaps, which are also called punk keycaps. The keyboard supports 26 keys without rushing, although it is not full-key anti-ghosting, but it is enough for players to use.

5.Wireless Charging 108 Keys Rgb Light Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Black/White/Pink/Blue

Model: CB-RK900
Number of keys: 104/108
Keycap: Two-color injection
Material: ABS
Interface:  USB Wired
Light color: Rainbow Light
Anti-ghosting: 26 Keys
Switch (Shaft): Mechanical (Blue/Black/Red/Tea axis)
Ergonomics: Support
Color: Black/White/Blue/Pink
Features: Mobile phone wireless charging

CB-RK900 is a more distinctive gaming keyboard, because it comes with a drawer-type charging pad that supports 5W wireless charging. When it is not needed, it is a normal gaming keyboard when the charging pad is put away. The wireless charging board has a built-in 4000mA battery, which can charge the mobile phone normally even if the keyboard is not connected to the power supply, but it cannot be used as the power supply for the phone itself.

CB-RK900 adopts USB wired connection, there are a total of 108 buttons, and each button is equipped with an RGB light bead. The shaft body is available in four types of black/green/tea/red mechanical shafts, and supports 26 keys without punching. The two-color injection-molded keycaps make the characters of the keys have good light transmission, allowing players to clearly identify the characters of each key in a dimly lit environment, and will never fade.