What is the best mouse sensor?

Here are the best mouse sensors known on the market as of April 2022.

  • HZ: Mouse polling rate,Refers to the frequency at which the mouse signal exchanges information with the computer. The higher the delay, the lower the delay.
  • DPI: Dots Per Inch, the maximum number of information that can be accurately positioned per inch of mouse movement.
  • IPS: The maximum movement speed that the mouse can withstand when it is working normally (without dropping frames), unit: IPS (inch/second)
  • Acceleration: The maximum acceleration that the mouse can withstand when it is working normally (without dropping frames), the unit is G
PixartPAW 3399 T4Optical10002000065050g
PixartPAW 3395 T6Optical10002600065050g
PixartPMW 3389 T3Optical10001600040050g
PixartPMW 3390Optical10001600040050g
LogitechHero 25kOptical10002560040040g
LogitechHero 16kOptical10001600040040g
PixartPMW 3370Optical10001900040050g
PixartPAW 3338Optical10001600040040g
PixartPMW 3391Optical10001800025050g
PixartPAW 3369Optical10001600040040g
PixartPAW 3335Optical10001600040040g

Note: The data in the table are theoretical values, and the actual level is slightly different due to the adjustment of different manufacturers.

mouse sensor

The mouse sensor, also known as the mouse chip, is the most important component of the mouse, equivalent to the CPU in the computer. At present, almost all mouse sensors are optical sensors, which are components that convert light into electronic signals that can be measured by the mouse core chip.

How Optical Sensors Work?

The LED light at the bottom of the optical mouse shoots at the desktop at a 30-degree oblique angle, reflecting the shadow created by the rough surface, and the shadow is fed back to the sensor through another lens through plane refraction.
When the mouse moves, the imaging sensor records a continuous pattern, and then uses the “Digital Signal Processor” (DSP) to analyze and analyze the front and back of each picture to judge the direction and displacement of the mouse movement, so as to obtain the mouse x, Movement value in the y direction. It is then transmitted to the micro control unit of the mouse through SPI. After the processor of the mouse processes these values, it is transmitted to the computer, and after the computer parses it, the cursor moves on the desktop accordingly.

What is the perfect mouse sensor?

A perfect mouse sensor allows your mouse cursor to move the way you expect on your computer desktop without inaccuracies, jitters, dropped frames, lag, and more. Whether these defects will appear depends to a large extent on various parameters of the mouse, which are the main 4 parameters mentioned in the above picture: HZ, DPI, IPS, acceleration.

  • HZ (polling rate)

HZ is a unit of polling rate, also known as refresh rate, which is how often the mouse transmits its position information to the computer. A higher polling rate means lower latency, which affects the accuracy of mouse position movements.

The polling frequency of a business mouse is usually 125HZ, which means that the mouse will report its position 125 times per second like a computer, and the interval between each position update is 8ms. For ordinary business office, the polling rate of 125hz is enough.

The polling rate of gaming mice is generally 500HZ and above, and most of them support up to 1000HZ. The delay is 2ms at 500HZ and 1ms at 1000HZ. For most gamers, 500HZ is enough to face any game, and the difference between 500HZ and 1000HZ is not felt in normal use. Of course, a higher polling rate consumes more computer processor resources and also speeds up power consumption. Especially with wireless mice, a high polling rate may make you keep charging the mouse.

  • DPI

DPI represents the number of points that the pointer moves on the screen per inch of mouse movement, which affects the mouse’s movement speed, but does not affect the mouse’s movement accuracy. The mouse pointer will move farther at high DPI than at low DPI for the same distance.
When using a mouse on a screen with a higher resolution, a higher DPI will be more advantageous, or in some strategy games, the mouse needs to move a very long distance, and a high DPI can reduce the distance the mouse needs to move on the desktop.

  • IPS

IPS represents the moving speed that the mouse can withstand when it is working normally, and the unit is IPS (inches per second). 400IPS means your mouse can accurately recognize up to 400 inches of movement per second. When the moving speed of the mouse exceeds this limit, the mouse pointer will skip frames and so on. Under normal circumstances, IPS greater than 150 can meet the normal use of most users.

  • Acceleration

Acceleration means the maximum acceleration that the mouse can withstand, in G (G is gravity). 50G means that the mouse can still be positioned normally under the condition of 50G acceleration.

Acceleration is not constant when moving the mouse. In the initial stage of high-speed mouse movement, the mouse movement speed is in a state of rapid increase. After reaching a relative peak value, the mouse pointer will gradually decelerate as the mouse pointer begins to approach the target. When the mouse pointer moves to the target, the mouse stops moving. As long as the acceleration of the mouse is greater than the maximum acceleration of the movement, the mouse can be positioned accurately. At present, most mouse sensors support acceleration of 20G and above, and 20G can already meet the normal use of users.

Conclusion: The performance of the current top-level mouse sensor has far exceeded our performance requirements for the mouse. A mouse with a mid-to-high-level sensor can meet the needs of all players for mouse performance in games. Therefore, when choosing a mouse, in addition to the sensor of the mouse, the other factors that need to be concerned are the shape, weight, brand and other factors of the mouse.

Are you looking for a top gaming mouse? Here are two recommended gaming mice with top sensors.
1. Cool Knight 3 Magnesium Alloy Metal Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse Macro

This is Cool Burn’s latest series of mice, which is expected to be officially released in February, with a lightweight magnesium alloy shell. Support Bluetooth, 2.4G, USB wired 3 connection methods, with the top PAW3399 sensor, and support macro programming function.

2. Cool BURN 2.4G Wireless Custom New Gaming Mouse For Gamer

Purple Wireless Gaming Mouse

Cool Burn 2 mouse adopts PMW3370 sensor, supports 2.4G receiver and USB wired connection. The unique and cool appearance, the quiet water-cooled concept bubble light, and the adjustable rear wing are all features that distinguish it from ordinary gaming mice.


Is the pixart 3389 sensor good?

The Pixart PMW 3389 is one of the best mouse sensors on the market today, with a 1000Hz polling rate, support up to 16000DPI, up to 400IPS and 50G acceleration. These extremely high performance configurations make it perfectly suited to all user needs.

Do mouse sensors make a difference?

Yes, a good mouse sensor can give you precise movement commands. A better sensor results in a more powerful mouse, no doubt about it, but a better mouse sensor doesn’t necessarily mean better gaming. Why? There are two reasons for this.
1. Excessive performance
If you’re using a mouse that already has a decent sensor that’s perfect for your situation, then if you upgrade it to a top-of-the-line sensor, you won’t experience the performance upgrade. Therefore, if the original sensor is fully adequate, upgrading the sensor will not provide you any real improvement.
2. A good mouse isn’t just about sensors
Whether a mouse is good to use depends on many things, not just the sensor. A good mouse will be comprehensively considered in terms of sensor, appearance design, weight, size, material, micro-motion, etc., and will choose a design that is better than the user’s use in every aspect. The shape does not conform to the grip of the hand, and factors such as being too heavy will seriously affect the actual use of the mouse.


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