What does DPI mean on a mouse and how to change it?

DPI is the abbreviation of dots per inch, which means the number of pixels per inch, and the mouse dpi refers to the mouse movement. The maximum number of information that can be accurately positioned per inch of movement is the unit of mouse positioning accuracy.So mouse DPI means dots per inch, which is the number of dots the pointer moves across the screen for every inch the mouse moves. For example, with a 1000DPI mouse, when he moves an inch, the pointer on the screen can move 1000 points.

  1. DPI reflects a static indicator, which is more suitable for printers or scanners. The mouse movement is a dynamic process, and dpi cannot accurately and uniquely represent the accuracy of the mouse. So now people tend to use cpi to represent the positioning accuracy of the mouse.
  2. The DPI of the mouse is the number of pixels that the mouse pointer moves on the screen when the mouse moves 1 inch (25.4mm) on the desktop. If your mouse is set to 900DPI, then every 1 inch your mouse moves on the desktop is At about 2.5 cm in length, the mouse pointer will move 900 pixels across the screen.
  3. Whether it is a monitor, a TV or a projector, the size will not affect the DPI of the mouse. What really matters is the resolution. So so far, a mouse resolution of around 5000 is completely sufficient, even 4K. Of course, if you use a 4K display set with a triple screen, you need 7000 or even higher.

First of all, determine the maximum dpi supported by your mouse. Generally speaking, the higher the fps of the mouse, the more accurate the positioning. The fps belongs to the fixed hardware attribute of the mouse. High DPI + low mouse speed will have better positioning accuracy than low DPI + high mouse speed, but it is not recommended to fill the dpi of the mouse. First, the higher the dpi, the more you eat the mouse pad, and the second is to leave room for in-game adjustments. (Mouse speed is adjusted in Mouse Properties – Pointer Options – Movement)

1st gear 3.125% 2nd gear 6.25% 3rd gear 25% 4th gear 50% 5th gear 75% 6th gear 100% and then up the sampling rate remains unchanged. It belongs to the system simulation algorithm to improve the speed and is not accurate, so it is not recommended. There is also a saying that except for the 6th and 13th gears, the other gears are not point-to-point sampling, but I still choose to increase the dpi of the mouse, because my desktop has been scaled to 125, it is estimated that it is not point-to-point, and this way, the mouse lubricity has really improved.

When the original input is guaranteed in the game, the actual mouse speed, that is, edpi is DPI × the mouse speed in the game. If there is no original input, it must be multiplied by the system mouse speed. For example, there is no original input in eating chicken. The mouse speed into the game backpack is affected by the sensitivity of the game settings.

For fps games divided into wrist stream (high dpi) and arm stream (low dpi)

The reason why players choose different genres to join is that everyone has different and more suitable conditions for more accuracy. It can be said that the purpose of both genres is to be faster and stronger. Wrist flow: high fault tolerance. There is an error in moving the mouse. It is impossible to make the crosshair fall on the correct point every time you move the mouse. In the case of low sensitivity, if you need to move a distance from the mouse, the displacement will be longer, and the error will become smaller. Also more stable. And although the arm flow will move a longer distance than the wrist flow, it can move the mouse faster, while aiming at a point, the arm flow will not be slow.

Is there a best DPI for gaming?Unfortunately, there is no DPI that is best for gaming, as it depends on the game you play, the resolution of your monitor, and your usage habits. If you need the mouse to move around the screen quickly or if your monitor has a very high resolution, then you can choose a higher DPI mouse, which usually has a DPI switchable as well.You can choose a good DPI according to your needs.

How to change mouse DPI?

  1. Adjust DPI through DPI button

If there is a dpi adjustment key on the mouse, you can directly press the dpi adjustment key on the mouse to adjust it! This method is very simple and straightforward. The DPI adjustment buttons are usually located between the left and right mouse buttons, behind the scroll wheel. The general mouse has 3 DPI gears, usually 800, 1200, 1600. After pressing the DPI adjustment button, your DPI will switch among these 3 gears cyclically. Of course there are mice with more gears and higher values, but those are usually more expensive. Most office mice do not have DPI adjustment buttons in order to save costs.

  1. Adjust through Windows 10 system(1)First open the computer’s start ——- control panel
    (2)Select hardware and equipment, click to enter!
    (3)We click the mouse to enter the settings.
    (4)The pointer option can adjust the moving speed to be faster. (The main reason is that the sensitivity is increased, in fact, the higher the sensitivity, the better)
  2. Adjusted by independent drive

Some high-end gaming mice usually have independent digital drivers, which can be used to adjust the mouse’s DPI, light color, light mode, macro programming function, button function, etc. You can ask the mouse vendor if your mouse supports macro programming. If supported, download the dedicated driver, open the software and find the DPI adjustment option to adjust.

  1. Adjust in the game software

Also, in some computer games, you can directly enter the game settings to adjust the dpi of the mouse. In general games, everyone likes to adjust by themselves, especially large-scale games like fps!

According to the application scenario or different users (this computer is used by more than one person), the mouse movement speed can be quickly adjusted, and the specific speed of the gear is set by the mouse driver software, if supported. High DPI mouse moves faster, low moves slow, FPS games need to be low, others may be medium, and high-resolution screens should be high for daily use.

2.How to change your mouse cursor?

A custom cursor is when you load a custom cursor image using CSS’s URL feature, then the browser will load the cursor image and apply it in place of your OS cursor wherever the cursor is declared.

There are several ways to customize the cursor.

1.Change the appearance of the mouse pointer via Windows setting

  • step 1.Open Mouse Properties by clicking the Start button icon and then Control Panel. In the search box, type mouse, and then click Mouse.
  • step 2.Click the Pointer tab and do one of the following:
  • step 3.To refresh all pointers, click the Scheme drop-down list, and then click New Mouse Pointer Scheme.
  • step 4.To change an individual pointer, under Customize, click the pointer you want to change in the list, click Browse, click the pointer you want to use, and then click Open.
  • step 5.Click OK.

2.Custom Cursor with cursor changer

Custom Cursor is a simple and easy-to-use, completely free high-value mouse cursor beautification tool. It is only 3.6MB in size and currently only supports the Windows platform.

This is a very practical mouse beautification tool. There are very rich mouse cursor beautification packages in the software, which can greatly change your mouse cursor and turn it into various interesting shapes in the browser, such as lightsabers and drawing boards. , fingers, pizza, bats, spiders and more. The most commendable part of the software is that the software can support user-defined uploading of pictures. Users can upload their favorite pictures to act as cursors, but it is recommended that you upload pictures with smaller pictures and transparent backgrounds, so that the effect will be Even more beautiful.

Through it, we can easily beautify the mouse cursor during normal selection and link selection of the computer, that is, beautify the following two most common mouse cursors:

The usage of Custom Cursor is very simple: after installing the software, click More Cursors to jump to the official website of Custom Cursor.

On Custom Cursor’s official website, we can get super high-quality mouse cursor packs in different styles for free.

3.Google Plugin

This plugin is called – Game Cat.

It can add a moving image of a kitten image to the web page when we browse the web page.When our mouse moves, the cat follows our mouse arrow.

1) Install the plugin

If conditions permit, you can download and install it directly in the Google Chrome store.

If you can’t access it, please download the installation package of the “cursor cat” plug-in from the extension fan website. After decompressing, drag and drop the crx file to install it on Google Chrome.

2) Select special effects

Click the plug-in icon to select the cat effect you like in the expanded menu.

After you left-click on your selected cat, it will immediately appear on the screen.

After finding the cursor package you like, click the Windows icon next to the Add option and wait for a while, the Windows client of Custom Cursor will automatically obtain this cursor package and display it on its Home page:

After successfully adding the cursor package to the Windows client of Custom Cursor, open its Home page and click Apply under the curser package just added to use it. If you want to use the system default cursor package, click Delete to delete the cursor package in use in Custom Cursor.

3.How to change mouse sensitivity?

The mouse is a very common and commonly used computer input device. It can position the cursor on the current screen, and operate the screen elements at the position where the cursor passes through the button and the wheel device, and the roller drives the roller to rotate. , the grating signal sensor installed at the end of the roller column collects the grating signal.

Sensitivity refers to the degree of change in response of a method to the change of unit concentration or unit amount of the substance to be tested. It can be described by the ratio of the response quantity or other indicated quantity of the instrument to the concentration or quantity of the corresponding substance to be measured. Through the study of sensitivity, the understanding of the structure and principle of the instrument can be deepened.

Mouse sensitivity The first refers to the sensing ability of the mouse, and the second refers to the speed of the mouse movement.

When you are playing on the computer, the mouse will float, and with a slight movement of the mouse, the mouse can be drawn for a long distance, and the positioning begins to become inaccurate, and the mouse has been drawn on the mouse pad. It is a long distance, but there is only a little distance on the monitor. Why does this happen? In fact, these situations are caused by the sensitivity of the mouse.Too high or too low sensitivity will seriously affect our experience, we need to find the sensitivity that suits us and adjust it.

There are three ways to adjust mouse sensitivity.

1) In the [Settings] of the windows 10 computer, find [Mouse], and then find [Pointer], you can increase or decrease the speed of the mouse pointer.

2) There will be a small button between the left and right buttons of most mice. Press this button to change the sensitivity of the mouse. Generally, there are several gears that can be adjusted.

3) If you are playing games, you can also adjust the sensitivity of the mouse in the settings interface of some games.


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