Trackpad vs Mouse: Which one is Better for You?

Almost every laptop comes with a trackpad, its role is to replace the mouse to operate on the computer. Because the original design of the notebook computer is to be convenient to carry, it can be used anytime and anywhere to handle various work affairs when going out. On desktop PCs, there is no touchpad, and a separate mouse and keyboard are required to control the computer. Because PCs are very large and heavy, it is very inconvenient to carry them. Only in very few cases will they be brought. Therefore, the PC does not need to consider portability, and it is normal to use the mouse and keyboard to operate.

With the update and iteration of products, major manufacturers have launched a variety of external large touchpads, which are more functional and comprehensive, such as magic touchpad, HP touchpad and so on. Many users report that these external touchpads can completely replace the mouse and are more ergonomic than the mouse, which can effectively relieve wrist fatigue, so they have not used the mouse for several months. But is it really so? In this article, I will compare the mouse with the large external touchpad in all aspects, including their practicality, experience, etc., to help you choose the “mouse” that is more suitable for you.

Trackpad vs Mouse

Trackpad vs Mouse


A mouse is the tool most of us use to control our computer, to use a mouse you usually need a USB port (there used to be a mouse with a PS2 port) or use bluetooth to connect the mouse to your computer. The mouse looks like an arch bridge, with both ends bent down and the middle arched. When holding it, the thumb is on the left side of the mouse, the ring finger and little finger are on the right side of the mouse, the index finger is on the left mouse button, and the middle finger is on the right mouse button. , use the end of the palm as the main support, and move the mouse by swinging the wrist.

Mouse advantage

1. More precise identification
The actual use of many users shows that the mouse has more accurate mouse positioning than the touchpad. When in use, the mouse can be more accurately positioned to where we want the mouse pointer to move, while the touchpad needs to be plugged in a lot, and we often need to swipe a second time to calibrate where it appears. You can see that in all competitive games, players operate with a gaming mouse, not a trackpad.

2. Improve work efficiency
Because the mouse recognition is more accurate, it usually takes less time for us to move to the correct position and click each time than using the touchpad, which will save us some time. In some cases, using a mouse can be about 50% more efficient than using a touchpad.

3. More ergonomic
Although we sometimes see some reports of professional players using a mouse to cause wrist injuries, such as ganglion cysts, tenosynovitis, etc., you need to know that no device will give you a completely pain-free experience. Relative to the touchpad, the mouse will move a shorter distance and less muscle movement in the neck, shoulders, and forearms. The whole process causes less muscle fatigue, less pain or discomfort, and more discomfort from overuse of the touchpad.

4. Game friendly
Many gaming mice have RGB lighting function, macro programming function and side buttons. The RGB lighting function can provide a good gaming environment, and the side buttons and macro programming function can play a very important role in games, making your game become easier.


Touchpads just started appearing on laptops, and they are usually small, about 8x12cm, so it may not be that convenient to operate. But now there are large external touchpads, such as the Apple Magic Trackpad 2, which is a rounded rectangle with a slight slope, slightly higher at the top and slightly lower at the bottom, via Bluetooth and USB-C Connect to the computer. When in use, it is operated by pressing, moving, etc. with a single finger or multiple fingers.

Touchpad Advantages

1. Easy to carry
One of the biggest advantages of the touchpad is its portability. A squarer rectangle will be very convenient to carry in a computer bag along with the laptop. If it is a mouse with a height of about 5CM, it may look very strange.

2. More usage scenarios
Using a mouse requires a smooth, flat, opaque surface, so you usually need to bring a small mouse pad. Using the mouse will be difficult if you are on an uneven surface. Second, on a train or car, you usually don’t have much room for your mouse pad and mouse. The touchpad basically solves these two problems. The touchpad doesn’t need a particularly flat and smooth surface, as long as there’s enough surface to support it, it should work just fine.

3. Cleaner and easier to clean
The touchpad is a relatively smooth surface, it is difficult to hide other dirt, and it is very easy to clean. It can be refreshed with a soft cloth and cleaning solution. The surface of the mouse will be uneven and there are many gaps and holes. When the mouse is dirty, it will be a lot of trouble to clean it.

4. More gestures and fun
Take Magic Trackpad 2 as an example, it supports one-finger, two-finger, three-finger, four-finger and other gestures. Through these gestures, the switching between desktop, space and other changes will be very natural, you will like this way. And in some cases, it will switch faster than when using the mouse. However, it should be noted that the Windows system is not fully compatible with Magic Trackpad, and some gestures are not supported on Windows.

Conclusion: The mouse and touchpad each have their own advantages. If you need high precision and fast and frequent operations, such as playing competitive games, a mouse that is more precise and can reduce fatigue is more suitable for you. However, if you need to go out and carry it frequently, mainly for office use, and do not require such high precision, nor do you need to move quickly for a long time, then a touchpad that is more convenient to carry and has more gestures may be more suitable for you.

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Is a trackpad better than a mouse?

The touchpad and the mouse have their own advantages. The mouse is more accurate and less prone to muscle fatigue. The touchpad is more portable and has more gestures. For gamers, we still recommend using a mouse, and office users can choose both, depending on their own preferences. However, it should be noted that if the office needs to use the touchpad for a long time, it may make you feel uncomfortable.

Can a trackpad replace a mouse?

For now, it is impossible for a touchpad to replace a mouse. Because the mouse is more accurate than the touchpad, and the advantage of being less prone to fatigue cannot be given up. When performing high-precision operations or long-term use, a mouse is required, so most users still have to choose a mouse.

What is the advantage of touchpad over mouse?

The advantages of a touchpad over a mouse are portability, wider usage scenarios, cleaner and easier cleaning, and more gestures and fun. These advantages are important for some users, but for others, the mouse is still the better choice.

Is a mouse or trackpad better for wrist?

A mouse would be better for the wrist. According to research, compared to a mouse, when a user works with a touchpad, there is a 45% increase in muscle activity in the neck and shoulders and a 25% increase in muscle activity in the forearm, which can also lead to increased fatigue and discomfort.

Can trackpad be used with PC?

Yes, the trackpad can be used on a PC, you need to connect the trackpad to your desktop PC via bluetooth or USB. But it should be noted that Windows system does not support all gestures of Apple’s touchpad, you need to install other software to support it.