Black And White 87 Keys TKL Gaming Keyboard Cool Burn

Model: Cool Knight I
Number of keys: 7
Material: ABS
DPI: 1000-12000(6 Speed)
Polling rate: 500Hz
Interface: USB Wired
Light color: 7 color multi-mode
Weight adjustment: 6*5G Weights
Ergonomics: Support
At sterilization and disinfection: Support
OEM: Support

CB-K550 is an 80% USB wired mechanical keyboard, which is made of black and white as a whole.

Black and white double spelling, revisiting the classics
The keyboard is made of black and white light-transmitting keycaps mixed and matched, playing with the retro trend and experiencing the classic color matching.

The keyboard adopts ergonomic design. After opening the foot support, it forms an 8° inclination with the desktop. With a stepped key layout, you will not tire your hands when typing for a long time.

The keys are welded with green shafts and red shafts, and each shaft has a service life of 50 million times. The sound of the green axis is clear and loud, and the sense of pressing paragraphs is obvious, which is suitable for text workers. The red axis is silent, straight up and down, and the light keystrokes are quick to strike, which is suitable for games and office work.

The keyboard supports 26 keys without rush, providing more key compatibility when gaming or typing fast.

Material Quality Management
We have established a comprehensive management system to thoroughly inspect the quality of all materials used in our hardware. We have implemented effective processes in the selection and certification of our suppliers as well. This process ensures that our materials meet the high standards our partners and customers have come to expect.

Exploration and Innovation for Design Quality
Even the quality of our designs undergoes rigorous technical review and testing. Our testing involves advanced methods and tools practiced in top-tier industries around the world, in order to ensure that products are launched only after full quality verification. We actively seek out first-rate resources to enhance our testing procedures.

Intelligent Enhancements for Manufacturing Quality
The practice of “Intelligent Manufacturing” is a driving force behind our rapid and continual development. This advanced perspective will sustain our supply chain’s competitive advantage.

China Gaming Keyboard Mouse Computer Manufacturer
As a keyboard and mouse manufacturer in China, Cool Burn supports both retail and wholesale of keyboards and mice. If the quantity purchased is large, we will give a certain discount accordingly. If you would like to get a quote for more products, please contact us.

·The picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual receipt.
·Product color and parameters are for reference only, please refer to the quotation and the actual product.
·Because of different configurations, the starting weight data will be different.
·We provide customers with unique customized services so that the products are more suitable for your market.



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