How to use one keyboard and mouse for two computers?

1. How to use one keyboard and mouse for two computers?

How can I use one keyboard and mouse on two computers at work? Often requiring multiple switches between the two computers for configuration or file transfers. In this process, every computer will inevitably need to operate a keyboard and mouse, so usually this means that you need to use two sets of keyboard and mouse.

If you don’t have a suitable workspace, it can become a hassle, either with two sets of keyboards and mice cramming your narrow desktop, or one set of keyboards and mice plugging back and forth.

Is there any solution? Of course there is.There are usually 3 methods as follows

    1. Use a mouse that can control multiple devices
    2. Use software like Synergy or Mouse Without Borders
    3. Use KVM switch or USB to copy the cable

1. Use a mouse and keyboard that can control multiple devices

The first solution is a wireless keyboard and mouse with switchable connected devices. Many mainstream wireless keyboards and mice now support manual switching of multiple devices, such as the Cool Burn series of keyboards and mice. This set of keyboard and mouse has two connection methods, USB wired and Bluetooth wireless connection. Through Bluetooth wireless connection, these keyboards and mice can be connected to 3 devices at the same time, whether it is desktop PC or laptop, ipad, etc. On the keyboard, you can switch freely among the 3 connected devices through the 3 keys “Fn” + “Q” “W” E”.

The advantage of this method is that it is very simple, you only need to connect the 2 or 3 devices you need to switch, and there is no need to install or purchase any software and hardware, which is the most time-saving and labor-saving method. The disadvantage is that if you connect 3 devices at the same time, you may not be able to remember which device corresponds to which switch button, but as long as you correspond to the sequence of buttons in the order in which the computer is placed, it can be solved very well.

If your keyboard and mouse are just ordinary keyboard and mouse, and do not support switching connected devices by pressing keys, is there any other way to control two computers with one keyboard and mouse? Of course, it can also be done by some software or hardware.

2.  Use software like Synergy or Mouse Without Borders

The second solution is to use some cross-device control software. The more commonly used software includes Synergy, Mouse Without Borders and ShareMouse.

Mouse without Borders is a set of free cross-device control software provided by Microsoft, which can be downloaded and installed in the download center of Microsoft’s official website:

As long as two computers are under the same local area network, whether they are connected to the same WIFI or connected to the same router, they can be used to realize the function of controlling multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse.

1.First download, install it on two computers separately, and open it. The interface is as follows:

2.Click NO on the computer connected to the mouse and keyboard, and click YES on the controlled computer.

3.Then, the client that clicks NO will generate a string of passwords and display the device name of the computer at the same time. Correspondingly fill in the computer that clicked YES, and click LINK to connect.

4.After the connection is successful, you can use this keyboard and mouse to control two computers.

With Mouse without Borders, you can not only share the keyboard and mouse, but also share the clipboard, drag and drop files across devices.

  •  Synergy

Synergy is a tool software that allows one keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers, compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It used to be free and open source, but now there seems to be a fee, and it costs $29 to connect 3 computers. If you want to connect more computers, you need to add some amount.

After downloading, installing and running Synergy on your computer, when the mouse moves to the edge of the computer, it slides into the next computer desktop, enabling seamless switching between computer screens.

Only need two computers under the same local area network to realize shared clipboard, file transfer and other functions.

  •  ShareMouse

ShareMouse and Synergy work in a very similar way, requiring two computers to be under the same local area network, and switching the computer controlled by moving the mouse to the border of the monitor.

ShareMouse adopts a free + paid usage model. The free version only supports the connection of 2 computers and has certain functional limitations. If you want to connect more computers, or use more features, such as copying the clipboard, drag-and-drop copy files to another set of computers, you need to enable paid features.

Synergy, Mouse Without Borders and ShareMouse, only Mouse Without Borders is completely free, but only supports Windows system. Synergy and ShareMouse support more systems, but usually require a fee. How to choose depends on your actual usage.

3.  Use KVM switch or USB to copy the cable

The third method is to use some hardware to implement1 mouse and keyboard to control 2 computers. A common method is to use a KVM switch or a USB pair.

  •  KVM switch

KVM switch is also known as multi-computer switch, in which KVM is the abbreviation of Keyboard, Video, Mouse, and is a multi-computer management device. It can realize a set of keyboard, mouse and display to control multiple computers. As a personal use to control two or three computers, it is enough to buy the lowest-end KVM switch, the price is usually dozens of dollars.

  1.  Use the wiring to connect the computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse to the KMV switch

The keyboard and mouse are inserted into the keyboard and mouse interface of the control end of the KVM switch, the monitor is connected to the HDMI interface of the control end of the KVM switch, the audio interface is inserted into the audio interface of the control end of the KVM switch, the complicated wiring end is connected to the computer, and the HDMI and USB ends are connected to the KVM The input interface of the switch.

  1.  Switch the computer that needs to be displayed and controlled by buttons or keyboard hotkeys

Usually KVM switches support 3 switching methods: switching through the physical control buttons of the fuselage; switching through specific key combinations on the keyboard; switching through remote control buttons.

  •  USB to copy cable

The USB pairing line can realize data transmission between two computer devices, share a set of keyboard and mouse for operation, and it can also realize the mutual transfer of data between two connected computers without U disk or network.

  1.  Insert the USB pairing cable to install the driver

Insert the two ends of the USB copying cable into the USB ports of the two computers respectively, wait for 10-30 seconds, and the two computers will automatically install the required software drivers.

Note: Some computers may need to complete the installation manually, find the installed cross driver icon, double-click the driver and follow the prompts to complete the software installation.

  1.  Check if the driver is running normally

After both computers are installed, you can see the cross icon of the software running sign in the software running box in the lower right corner of the computer. If a red cross is displayed on this icon, it means that the link between the two computers is abnormal, and the driver needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.

  1.  Shared mode settings

Click the cross icon in the lower right corner to enter the setting interface, where you can perform a list of settings for keyboard and mouse sharing and file transfer.

In the settings interface, you can choose to switch the control device by using the middle mouse button or sliding out of the screen border. Clicking Close will end the sharing of the keyboard and mouse, and only the connected computer can use the keyboard and mouse. If you want to copy text or other file data, after selecting copy text or file data on one computer, switch to another computer screen, and use “Ctrl”+”V” or right-click to copy the data of one computer to another computer.

2. How to connect usb mouse to ipad?

Can i use a mouse with an ipad? It is normal for you to have this question, because the iPad is a touch device, and the mouse is designed to replace the cumbersome keyboard commands of the computer. But in fact, many mobile phones and other mobile electronic devices now support mouse and keyboard operations, as well as game keyboards and mice specially developed for mobile phones. All, you can totally use the mouse on your ipad.

You can connect your Magic Mouse, other Bluetooth mice, or USB mice to your iPad.

  • Pairing a Magic Mouse or other Bluetooth mouse

Before pairing the Magic Mouse or other Bluetooth mice, please make sure that the mouse has sufficient power and the power switch has been turned on.

  1. On your iPad, open the “Settings” interface, select Bluetooth, and then turn on “Bluetooth”.
  2. In the Bluetooth device list that appears under the “Other Devices” list, select your mouse to complete the pairing.

After a successful connection, the next time you turn on the Bluetooth mouse near the ipad, the mouse will automatically connect to the ipad. If you choose to disconnect, the next time you use it, you need to follow the steps above to re-pair Bluetooth.

Tip: Not all mice will be fully compatible with the iPad, some mice may not work when connected to the iPad. If you are asked for a PIN when pairing the Magic Mouse, enter “0000” and tap Pair. If the mouse has been paired with another MAC or iPad before pairing with your ipad, you need to unpair it from the original paired device. Enter the setting interface of the original paired device, find Bluetooth, find the name of the paired Bluetooth mouse, click the arrow behind, and then click Ignore this device to cancel the pairing

  • Connect USB mouse to ipad

To connect a USB mouse to the ipad, you need to purchase a “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter”.

  1. Plug the “lightning” end of the adapter into the ipad
  2. Insert the USB port of the mouse into the USB port of the adapter.

If your mouse is a wireless USB mouse, make sure the mouse is fully charged and the switch is on.

In addition to the mouse, you can also use the “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter” to connect cameras, U disks and other devices using USB interfaces, but note that not all devices using USB interfaces are compatible with ipad.

If you want to connect a mouse or keyboard to the iphone, it is the same operation as above.


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