How to check mouse dpi?

DPI is the abbreviation of dots per inch, which means the number of pixels per inch. Mouse dpi refers to the maximum number of information that can be accurately positioned per inch of mouse movement. For example, with a 1000DPI mouse, when he moves one inch, the pointer on the screen can move 1000 pixels. The higher the DPI, the faster the mouse pointer moves. On a high-resolution screen or in some games, a high DPI value may improve your work scene or game efficiency. But before that, you need to confirm the current DPI of the mouse.

How to check the current DPI of the mouse?

If you want to know your mouse DPI, I recommend the following four methods as a reference, I hope it will help you.

1.Check the mouse specifications

The manufacturer of the mouse you buy usually puts the basic configuration parameter table or user manual of the mouse in the package. In the manual, you can see the parameter of DPI value, which will clarify the speed and speed of your mouse. The specific DPI of each gear, if there is only the DPI value of the moth, then the DPI of your mouse is the DPI on the parameter table. If there are multiple DPIs, then adjust the DPIs in sequence through the DPI adjustment buttons and perform a mobile test. The slowest moving is the lowest DPI value, the fastest is the highest DPI value, and the middle DPI gear is the corresponding DPI value in turn. (For example, your mouse DPI has 4 gears, which are 800, 1200, 1600, and 3200. After each press of the DPI adjustment button, the mouse moves at a similar speed. When the 3200DPI is switched to 800, you will Feeling that the mouse cursor movement speed is significantly reduced, you can confirm that the DPI of this gear is 800, and each time you press the DPI button to switch to the next DPI value). If you have thrown away the manual, you can check the product details page or ask the seller for the DPI level and value of the mouse.

2.Install the driver

Some mice support adjusting various parameters of the mouse through independent driver software. If your mouse supports the driver, double-click to run it after installing the driver, and find the DPI item on the page that appears. Each DPI corresponds to a light color, and you can find the corresponding DPI value by checking the current light color. In addition, you can also change the light color and DPI through the driver.

3.How to Check Mouse DPI in Windows 10

There are many ways to test in Windows system, two methods will be listed below. But before you can test it, you need to uncheck the Mouse Enhanced Pointer Precision option. You can modify it by clicking the Windows icon and entering mouse to enter.

3.1 Via web tools

Checking mouse DPI in Windows 10 can be done with some network acquisition tools such as DPI Analyzer. DPI Analyzer is an online DPI checker that enables DPI self-test in a few simple steps. The operation method is as follows:

  1. You need to draw an inch/cm line on a piece of paper and use it as a mouse pad.
  2. Think about the distance you want to move the mouse on the paper and mark it, then enter the target distance of the mouse distance and select the corresponding unit.
  3. Click on the red crosshair and hold down the mouse button.
  4. Move the mouse to the target distance marked on the paper and release the mouse button to stop recording the movement, then at the actual DPI position you can see the actual DPI of your current mouse. If the moving position is difficult to grasp, you can first enter the moving distance as 1, record the DPI value at distance 1, then measure the actual moving distance, and finally use the recorded DPI value at 1 ÷ (actual moving distance ÷ 1).

If you know the current DPI of the mouse, you can input it to Configured DPI, it will calculate the position where your mouse should move according to the input moving distance under the current DPI, and it will appear as a blue target, which can be calculated through actual testing. Get the error between the actual DPI and the current DPI.

3.2 Through the Paint program

Paint is a built-in program of the Windows system, in which the horizontal and vertical pixel position information of the drawing board will be displayed. Therefore, besides drawing, you can also use it as a DPI tester, the operation method is as follows:

  1. You need to draw inch/cm lines on a piece of paper and use it as a mouse pad
  2. Click the Windows icon and enter Paint in the search box that appears
  3. Click the Paint that appears below to enter the application
  4. The mouse is placed at the position where the horizontal PX is 0 on the far left
  5. Move the mouse to the right, stop the movement and record the horizontal PX value and the moving distance of the mousewindows10 paint 2
  6. Use the horizontal PX value ÷ the Inch distance moved by the mouse (if it is cm distance, it needs to be converted to Inch distance first, because the calculation unit of DPI value is inches), the calculated result is the current DPI value of the mouse

Tips: This method may have certain errors, it is recommended to test several times to get the average.

If you want to change the DPI of the mouse, you can usually adjust it through four methods: the mouse DPI button, independent driver software, mouse settings of the windows system and changing the sensitivity of the mouse in the game. If you’re not sure how to change it, check out this article: What Does DPI Mean On A Mouse And How To Change It?


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