How to change mouse polling rate?

1.How to change mouse polling rate?

The mouse polling rate, also called the mouse report rate (sometimes called the refresh rate), refers to the transmission frequency between the mouse MCU (Micro Controller Unit) and the computer. The rate of return is a mouse performance parameter that players attach great importance to. In theory, a higher rate of return can better exert the performance of the mouse, especially for gamers. However, the high rate of return also has higher requirements on the computer configuration. If the computer configuration is low and the mouse rate of return is set to a high value, it will cause the mouse to drop frames, and the higher the rate of return, the more power is consumed, so many The mouse is provided with return adjustment settings.

So how can the polling rate of the mouse be adjusted?

  • Use the buttons on the mouse

Some brands of gaming mice allow you to change the polling rate using the buttons on the mouse. Depending on the mouse model and brand, the polling rate increases in cycles of 125 Hz, 500 Hz, and 1,000 Hz. Every time these buttons are pressed, the polling rate increases to these values. If a mouse supports 1,000 Hz, its default polling rate is usually set to 1,000 Hz.

  • Using the Mouse Companion Software(Independent drive program)

Some gaming mice have dedicated companion apps that you can use to change the mouse’s polling rate and more. After installing the app, you can look for the section to adjustthe report/vote rate. Then, choose your expected poll rate and set it to the new value.

Here is an example of the Cool Knight gaming mouse of the Cool Burn brand

  1. Double click to run the Cool Knight mouse standalone driver
  2. Select the second option to adjust mouse parameters
  3. There are 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz in the USB Polling Rate option on the right,You can choose a lower or higher option and turn it off.
  • Use utility software

If your mouse doesn’t come with an app, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and download its utility software. This utility software helps users analyze and configure their devices, including gaming mice. After downloading and installing the software, you can find the option to change the polling rate and easily set it to the value you want. You can do many other things like assign new functions to different keys. Some third-party utilities may also help to change the mouse’s polling rate.

  • Change mouse polling ratein windows 10
  1. Press WIN+R to open the “Run” window, enter “regedit” and click the “Enter” button to enter the registry editor interface
  2. From the open registry editor interface, expand the “HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelMouse” item in turn, find the “MouseSensitivity” item on the right and double-click it
  3. After opening the “MouseSensitivity” setting interface, set the value according to the actual needs, the data range is “1~100”, the larger the setting value, the higher the mouse sensitivity, but at the same time it can be accompanied by the cursor beating.

Mouse polling rate 500 vs 1000 Hz: Is a higher mouse polling rate better?

Usually, the higher the mouse polling rate meaning the better experience. Because a higher polling rate means a larger amount of data collected per second and a stronger performance. But if you want to see the difference between 500Hz polling rate and 1000Hz polling rate, you can feel it with your own mouse if supported.

500Hz and 1000Hz are the configurations of many gaming mice at present. At 1000Hz, the data collected by the mouse and the computer are exchanged more frequently, and the mouse movement display is more accurate. But both polling rates are so high that most players can’t sense the difference between them.

2.What is mouse smoothing?

Mouse smoothing is to optimize the movement trajectory of the mouse through calculation, and the trajectory will be smoother, mainly to optimize the visual effect, but the side effect is the delay of mouse movement.

Mouse smoothing is an adjustment algorithm for mouse input data. It can be regarded as an approximate calculation of a rectangular wave signal into a Fourier transform waveform. The higher the adjustment smoothness, the smoother the fluctuation.

Because the rate of return of the trackball mouse used before is much lower than that of the current optical mouse, the movement of the mouse cursor is not smooth and accurate. Mouse Smoothing uses algorithms to predict where you will move next, making your mouse movements smooth and accurate.

what does mouse smoothing do?

Specific performance: When the mouse is moving, the acceleration between motion and static is smaller, and the overall mouse movement will become slower. Increasing the smoothness of the mouse in the game is to see the picture more clearly when the viewing angle moves, and prevent the screen from tearing. Or cause player 3D dizziness. The high smoothness setting can be imagined as the effect of controlling the viewing angle with a controller. At the same time, high smoothness will inevitably affect the operation feel due to the delay of mouse movement.

How to make mouse movement smoother in games?

There are different ways to enable mouse smoothing in different games, but they are usually in the control options of the game settings interface. The following is an example of Call of Duty 13

  1. Double-click to enter Call of Duty 13, click “Campaign”
  2. Select “Options” after entering “Campaign”
  3. Click “Control Panel”
  4. Click “View”
  5. Click the mouse to smooth, and choose to open

Mouse Smoothing vs Acceleration

Mouse acceleration and mouse smoothing are two different concepts. Mouse acceleration is a system technology that increases the ratio of the movement speed of the mouse pointer to the physical movement speed of the mouse. The faster your mouse moves, the farther the mouse pointer moves across the screen, even if you move the same distance. Mouse smoothing is also known as line correction, and as mentioned above, it is a function that delays and prolongs mouse movement, thereby creating smooth mouse movement. For example, if you draw a straight line in PS, under normal circumstances, the hand is shaking, so it is impossible to draw a straight line, but because the shaking amplitude is not large, the mouse smoothing will automatically ignore the small shaking, so as to draw a straight line.

3.How to change debounce time on any mouse?

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more computers have entered thousands of households. However, due to the rapid development of electronic technology and our electronic knowledge learning out of line, there are many problems that may occur when using computers that we do not know how to solve, such as the double-click response time of the mouse, Debounce Time.

What is Debounce Time?

Debounce Time is the time interval that must elapse before a second key press is accepted. We all know that mouse clicks are mainly divided into four categories, namely click, double click, right click and drag. The single-click and double-click are actually the same, and the double-click consists of 2 clicks, so how does the computer distinguish between a single-click and a double-click? This mainly relies on an interval between two clicks. For example, if the double-click time set by your computer is 0.2 seconds, then after you click for the first time, if you click again within 0.2 seconds, it will be recognized as a double-click, and if you click again after 0.2 seconds, it will be recognized as a double-click.

How to change mouse debounce time?

Modifying the debounce time of the mouse is very simple. The following will introduce how to modify the debounce time in windows 7, windows 10, and windows 11. Please follow the steps below:

  • Change mouse debounce time in windows 7
  1. Click the start menu, we click to open the control panel, we enter the main interface of the control panel
  2. After entering the main interface of the control panel, we click to open the mouse, and we enter the main interface of mouse settings;
  3. After entering the main interface of mouse settings, we click the mouse button tab in the upper menu bar, we enter the main interface of mouse button settings;
  4. After entering the main interface of mouse key setting, we find and drag the scroll bar on the double-click speed to set the double-click speed;
  5. After setting the double-click speed, we click the Apply button at the bottom of the interface, and click the OK button;
  • Change mouse debounce time in windows 10/ windows 11
  1. Right-click on an empty space on the computer desktop and select “Personalize”.
  2. After entering “Personalization”, click “Theme”, and then click “Mouse Cursor”.
  3. In “Mouse Cursor”, click “Mouse Button”, then click the adjustment knob in “Double-click Speed”, drag to adjust the speed of double-click of the mouse, and click Hold after adjustment is complete.


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