How much should you spend on a gaming keyboard?

If you’re a gamer, maybe you’re thinking do I need a gaming keyboard? What is the best budget gaming keyboard? My suggestion is, if you want to add more fun to your games and want to have a better gaming experience, then it’s time to buy a gaming keyboard. A good gaming keyboard can provide more precise feedback on your actions, improve your efficiency, and make your gaming environment look great. As for how much you should pay for a gaming keyboard, my suggestion is $30-100.

Why Gaming Keyboards between $30 and $100 Are Recommended?

There are many keyboards on the market, ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, but few real gaming keyboards are less than $30. The gaming keyboards launched by some businesses are actually low-cost business keyboards, that is, Membrane keyboard, he will not help your gaming experience in any way. So why wouldn’t I recommend a $100+ keyboard? Normally, shouldn’t the higher the price, the better the quality? It’s true, but you need to know that, first of all, that part of the price increase may not be useful to you, and secondly, buying a keyboard is for a better gaming experience, not a very expensive treasure. Or just buy the top-performing keyboard. Just like the current computer processors, the 12th generation processors have been released a long time ago. The performance is very powerful, but it is not necessary to buy the latest and most powerful processors. Many people still use the 10th and 11th generation processors. , they will still run all major games and will last for many years.

Generally speaking, gaming keyboards with very high price, they are expensive mainly because of the following highlights: 1. More powerful performance 2. Brand premium

1. More powerful performance
More power is a good thing, but not necessarily a better buy. Why? Excessive performance. For example, keyboard and mouse devices have a parameter called rate of return, also known as refresh rate, polling rate, and the unit is HZ. It represents the frequency of data exchange between the device and the computer. Most gaming keyboards now have a refresh rate of 1000hz, which means that data is exchanged 1000 times per second, and data is transmitted every 1 millisecond. At this refresh rate, you won’t feel any lag. However, some keyboards have achieved a higher refresh rate, and some have even achieved 8000HZ. There is no doubt that its performance is indeed very strong and even better, but you simply cannot experience the gap between them, the more powerful performance Does not bring a better experience, this is excess performance.

And features like lighting, mechanical switches, full-key rollover, macro programming, and more, you can also find on gaming keyboards under $100. If you’ve set your sights on an expensive gaming keyboard with features you really like and few other keyboards have, then you’re fine with paying more.

2. Brand premium
Brand premium is when the same product, which was originally worth $40, might sell for $140 when you put a well-known brand label on it. Some people are still willing to spend $140 on branded products rather than $40 on ordinary products, because it contains emotional value and is determined by consumers’ consumption psychology. If you have a deep affection for a brand and think that their gaming keyboard is better than others, then it is natural that you are willing to spend more to buy a brand keyboard. But if you don’t know the keyboard brand, then I suggest you spend your money on the choice of keyboard function and performance.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gaming Keyboard

1. Budget

No matter what product you buy, budget is an important consideration. If your budget is limited, then a single connection, non-pluggable shaft, ABS material or a small brand keyboard will be cheaper. If your budget is sufficient, then you can choose according to your own preferences.

2. Keyboard type and shaft

Keyboard switches

At present, the keyboards on the market mainly include mechanical keyboards, membrane keyboards and laser keyboards. Laser keyboards have not been accepted by the majority of users due to high environmental requirements, high prices, and no feel feedback. Membrane keyboards are mostly used for business, and are inferior to mechanical keyboards in many performance aspects. Therefore, gamers prefer mechanical keyboards. Usually, what people call gaming keyboards also refers to mechanical keyboards.
Each key of the mechanical keyboard has a separate mechanical axis, so the mechanical keyboard can usually achieve 26 keys or all keys without conflict, which is a good feature for gamers. In some games, you need to press multiple keys at the same time. key, which can avoid key ghosting causing the key to not respond. The axis body is divided into linear axis and paragraph axis, and different axes have different feel.

The linear axis feels straight up and down, very smooth, without the slightest bump in each stroke, and this type of axis lift is much quieter than other axes. Common linear axes: red axis, black axis.

Each time the paragraph axis is tapped, there will be different degrees of click sound, and there will be a collision sound when pressed, similar to the touch and sound when pressing a ballpoint pen. Common paragraph axis: green axis, tea axis.
The choice of the axis depends on your feedback preferences and usage scenarios. If it is in a quiet environment or in a place with many people, try not to select the paragraph axis, because it emits a relatively crisp sound, which will make people around you feel very noisy.

3. Shaft manufacturer

There are many different manufacturers of the same type of shaft, the more well-known ones are cherry, Razer, Kailh, Greetech, Outemu, Gateron and so on. The most famous of them is the cherry MX axis, which is also recognized as the best mechanical axis, but the price is much higher than that of other keyboards. In the case of a small budget, I recommend other shafts. With the improvement of the shafts by other self-developed shaft manufacturers, the feel gap between other self-developed shafts and cherry shafts is now very small, and All had a very good experience.

4. Keyboard size

The keyboard size is divided into 3 sizes: 60%, 80% and 100%. Small size keyboards are more compact, compact, lighter and more portable. Large-size keyboards have more complete functions, occupy more space, and are more versatile, making it inconvenient to carry out. If you use it in a fixed place or seldom carry it out, you can choose it according to your preference. If you need to carry it out frequently, a small-sized keyboard is more recommended.

5. Keycaps

The main materials of keycaps include PBT and ABS materials. ABS is the most common material. It is cheap, has good plasticity, is easy to color, and has good light transmittance. It is easy to be oiled after long-term use, and the keycaps are like a layer of oil, which will greatly reduce the sensory experience. PBT material has high hardness and strong wear resistance. It is said that it will never be oiled, and it will not affect the feel after long-term use, but the price is more expensive.

6. Connection method

The keyboard has three connection methods: Bluetooth, 2.4G and USB wired connection, among which Bluetooth and 2.4G belong to wireless connection.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of wireless connectivity

The advantage of wireless connection is that it takes up less space, makes the desktop more tidy, and is no longer bound by wires. Of course, there are some disadvantages of wireless connection. The signal anti-interference ability of wireless connection is weak, and there may be a certain delay when using the keyboard. If it is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, try to choose a higher version of Bluetooth. The higher version of Bluetooth will be compatible with the lower version, and the higher version of Bluetooth has lower power consumption and lower latency. At present, the latest Bluetooth version is 5.3, and basically 5.0 or above is the best.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of wired connections

The advantages of wired connection are stable connection, strong anti-interference, and low latency. The disadvantage is that it will be limited by the line, the keyboard cannot be moved as freely as the wireless keyboard, and because the existence of the line will make the desktop look messy, sometimes moving the keyboard will involve other things.

At present, many mechanical keyboards use wired and wireless connection methods, some have 2 kinds of Bluetooth, 2.4g and any two kinds of wired types, and even some are equipped with all 3 kinds of connection methods, which is difficult for selection. Good news indeed.

7. Rgb backlight

Basically, mechanical keyboards are equipped with RGB backlighting effects, which are also an important part of improving the gaming experience for many gamers. In terms of user experience, the backlight can create an atmosphere and increase the fun of the keyboard.

Many backlit keyboards can be set to various modes, such as lighting that changes with the typing speed, key ripples, triggering, dazzling dots, marquee and other different lighting effects, combined with the desktop space, it looks more cool. In short, changing lighting effects can bring extra freshness, make the keyboard more interesting, pleasing to the eye, and make us more fun.

8. Macro programming

Keyboard macro programming is to store a series of keyboard operation behaviors in a key through software to achieve the purpose of improving input efficiency. For gamers, storing a series of operations in the game can save time to the greatest extent. Simplified operation. But keyboards with macro programming capabilities are more expensive than regular keyboards. Buying a macro programming keyboard depends on whether you need this feature.

1.Bluetooth Wireless Rgb 60 Percent Mini Pink/Blue Gaming Mechanical Keyboard In Deals ($28.8)

60% mini mechanical keyboard, supports USB wired and Bluetooth wireless connection, rich RGB lighting effects and supports full-key anti-ghosting, the best choice for home travel.In the Bluetooth connection mode, 3 connected devices can be stored at the same time, and the connected devices can be switched by pressing the “FN” + “QWE” button for 3 seconds.

2.Bluetooth Wireless USB Wired Rechargeable 3 Mode RGB Gamer Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Palm Rest($38.5)

Wireless 3-mode Bluetooth keyboard, supports Bluetooth, 2.4G and USB 3 connection methods. There are 3 sizes of 60%, 80%, 100% and four colors of black, white, blue and pink to choose from. All three keyboard sizes support full-key anti-ghosting, and pressing any key at the same time will not conflict. Green shaft mechanical shaft, unique typing experience.

3.84 keys Wireless 3 mode Connection Mechanical Keyboard With Macro Programmable For Phone Computer($39.9)

84-key 80% TKL mechanical keyboard, supports Bluetooth, 2.4G, USB 3 connection methods, and supports full-key anti-ghosting. The keyboard axis body is a mechanical axis body, black axis, green axis, and red axis can be selected. Rich RGB lighting, easy and yellow keyboard backlight color.

4.Black/White Retro Typewriter Punk Full Size Light Up Mechanical Keyboard Game For Computer PC($21.79)

Wired full-size mechanical keyboard, the shaft is a green shaft, and supports 26-key anti-ghosting. Unique brushed metal panel and retro typewriter punk two-color injection keycaps, key characters have good light transmittance. Rainbow RGB backlight, a variety of lighting modes to choose from.

5.Wireless Charging 108 Keys Rgb Light Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Black/White/Pink/Blue

108-key full-size wired gaming mechanical keyboard, with optional black, blue, brown, and red shafts, and supports 26-key anti-ghosting. The keys adopt an ergonomic stepped key layout, which is more in line with the user’s typing habits. The keyboard is equipped with a 5W drawer-type wireless charging pad and a large 4000mA battery, which can also charge the phone without connecting to the power supply.