Cool Burn Best claw grip Honeycomb Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 50 For Sale

There are a lot of mice on the market, with different functions, different appearances, and different materials filling our field of vision. Therefore, choosing the best gaming mouse for your use is not an easy process. We need to consider many factors when choosing a mouse, including price, DPI, refresh rate, acceleration, material, function buttons… Today I will focus on two points that are easily overlooked in this article, namely the mouse Grip and weight.

1.Mouse Grip
Even though the mouse is one of the things we hold the longest every day, and we’re all too familiar with it, you may not know what grip you’re using when you use it. Different grips actually have a certain difference in the selection of the size of the mouse and the usage scenarios.
There are usually three types of mouse grips, namely grasping (prone grip), grasping (post-position pinch), and finger grip (front-position pinch)

1.1 Palm Grip(lying mouse grip)

Posture features: All the palms of the palms fit with the back of the mouse, and the thumb, ring finger and little finger are naturally straight to operate the mouse. The index and middle fingers are naturally flat on the mouse buttons. When the button is clicked, the pulp of the finger is in contact with the button. When moving, the wrist moves with the mouse. Due to the large range of motion of the mouse, this posture is not easy to fatigue when the hand is naturally placed on the mouse, and is suitable for FPS players with low SENS to practice for a long time.
The prone mouse grip relies on the wrist as the fulcrum, and the whole hand naturally falls on the mouse. If you feel comfortable on a right-handed mouse, this is also the grip that most people use. Hand fatigue is low, and it relies on wrist movement, so this grip is recommended for long-term operation and right-hand mouse users.

1.2 Claw Grip(front-position pinch mouse)

Postural characteristics: The thumb, ring finger and little finger are held on the side of the mouse and back. The index and middle fingers are slightly bent on the left and right mouse buttons. The back of the mouse does not touch the palm (the palm is suspended in the air), and the base of the palm is against the tail of the mouse. When the mouse moves left and right, it swings left and right with the wrist as the fulcrum. When moving up and down, the wrist does not move, and the thumb and ring finger are bent to make the mouse slide in the palm.
In addition, everyone should note that the palm of the front-position mouse pinch coincides with the tail of the mouse, the wrist is suspended, and the fulcrum moves to the forearm, which can be said to be the most powerful, and the movement accuracy is the highest compared to the first two grips.
The front-position mouse-pinch-mouse grip meets both fast keystrokes and precise movement, so gamers usually use this grip more often, and this grip is the most standard for large, symmetrical mice.

1.3 Finger grip (rear mouse pinch)

Posture characteristics: The thumb, ring finger and little finger are held in the middle of the side of the mouse, the back and tail of the mouse are not in contact with the palm of the hand, and the index finger and middle finger are bent and placed on the left and right buttons of the mouse. The two fingers in the eclipse can quickly click the left and right keys, and swing left and right with the forearm as a fulcrum when moving left and right. When moving up and down, the forearm moves vertically along with the mouse on the mouse pad.
The front-position pinch mouse relies on the arm as the fulcrum, the fingertips fall on the most central position of the left and right buttons of the mouse, and the fingers are curved, so that the buttons can be pressed most quickly when needed.
The rear-position pinch mouse relies on finger control and the flexibility of the fingers, so it moves very quickly. This position can be used for frequent operations in a short period of time. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the fact that it relies on finger drive, which is usually suitable for small and lightweight notebook mice.

2. Weight

The lightweight mouse is a very popular trend now. Many manufacturers are working hard in this regard. Now the lightest mouse is only about 40g. So why does the mouse develop in this direction? This mainly includes two reasons, one is because of game requirements, and the other is to reduce the pressure on the wrist.
A lighter gaming mouse will bring greater sensitivity, which is an advantage in some games that require fast mouse movements. If the mouse is too heavy, it will be more difficult to control at high speed. For example, in the game “Fortress Night”, building bunkers requires very high speed for opponents.
If you use the mouse at high intensity for a long time, it will put a lot of pressure on your wrist. In the long run, you may suffer from tenosynovitis, ganglion cysts and other diseases. This isn’t an alarmist, as some of the night players have suffered from these diseases, and it’s taking a toll on their careers. A lighter mouse reduces the burden on your wrist and reduces the chance of disease. Of course, the lighter the mouse, the better. If the mouse is too large, it will not feel in the hand, and it will be light to use.

Common mouse lightweight methods

2.1 downsizing
Usually the mouse is reduced in length, width, and height, a lap or two smaller than a normal-sized mouse. But this change is not very friendly to users who prefer to use a medium or large mouse.

2.2 Structural material optimization
If you do not want to reduce the size of the mouse, you can optimize the selection of materials and structure. In terms of materials, materials such as magnesium alloys with lower density can be selected. Structurally, some unnecessary structures or panels can be removed to achieve lighter weight.

2.3 punch
Hole punching is a very common way to reduce the weight of a mouse. However, the punching method has higher requirements on the material and appearance of the mouse. Since the part of the mouse shell that supports the weight of the hand is reduced after the hole is punched, the back of the mouse may collapse, and the aesthetics will be reduced after the hole is punched.

Now, let’s get back to our product.
Today I will be introducing Cool Burn brand best palm grip honeycomb wireless gaming mouse under 50 for sale.

Cool Knight:

NameCool Knight ⅠCool Knight Ⅱ
Number of keys77
DPI1000/2000/3200/4800/6400/12000(switchable)200-10000(6 Mode adjustable)
InterfaceUSB WiredWired & Wireless(USB Tpye-C & 2.4G Wireless)
Macro programming(Independent drive)Not supportSupport(Color/DPI/Function/Macro)
Light color7 color 13 kind of mode16.8 million color
Gaming ChipnormalPMW3325
Weight adjustment6*5G weightsNot support
Replaceable cover2 Pieces(Full and honeycomb) 2 Pieces(Full and honeycomb)
At sterilization and disinfection Support Support

The Cool Knight series mouse is our latest professional gaming mouse, and it is also our most proud mouse. Here are some descriptions about the product.

  • Appearance treatment:
    The mouse surface adopts the world’s unique patented technology, 3D + inkjet printing technology. More materials can be processed, more effects can be processed, and the processed results are better.
  • PMW3325 game chip:
    5000CPI, 100IPS, 20G acceleration, 1000Hz rate of return, which can meet the needs of most gamers.
  • Wireless dual-mode connection:
    There are two connection modes: USB Type C and 2.4Ghz, which can be selected according to your needs.
  • Widely compatible
    Compatible with Win 7 /Win8/Win10/Windows VISTA Windows XP and other systems
  • Replaceable back cover:
    Cool knight series mice are equipped with 2 mouse back covers, one with honey comb design and one with conventional design. The honeycomb back cover can reduce the weight of the mouse itself and also enhance the cooling function. But some players don’t like this design, so we also prepared a regular back cover.
  • AT automatic sterilization and disinfection technology:
    The mouse surface treatment adopts our exclusive AT technology, which can effectively eliminate 99.9% of Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Klebsiella pneumonia / H1N1 virus.
    The natural disinfection and sterilization effect of plant ingredients, and the strong oxidative power of photocatalysis and the synergistic effect of silver ions, quickly destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, cause the bacterial mass to be lost to death, coagulate the protein of the virus, inhibit the activity of the virus, and kill the virus.
  • Independent drive adjustment
    With the driver independently developed by our company, the choice of lighting mode and color can be realized, supporting 16.8 million colors; the function of each button can be freely defined; the DPI value can be freely adjusted from 50 to 10000; the polling rate, refresh rate, and parameters can be freely adjusted
    Download driver

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