Best White/Pink 60 Percent Mini Wireless Gaming Keyboard Under 100 In 2022 Cool Burn

What does 60% mean on a gaming keyboard?

60% gaming keyboard

80% gaming keyboard

100% gaming keyboard(full size)

Gaming keyboards refer to keyboards specially created for gamers, and now refer to RGB mechanical keyboards. They are usually feature-rich and have a strong sense of button sequence, allowing players to have a better gaming experience when playing games.

Why does the 60% keyboard appear?
As the functions of the Windows system become more and more perfect, the use frequency of the keys in the functional area on the right side of the keyboard gradually decreases, and many users may not use them once for a few days. The numeric key area on the right is also fully contained in the key area on the left. Therefore, in order to reduce the desktop space occupied by the keyboard and facilitate carrying out, the 60% keyboard came into being.
The new 60% keyboard looks more compact, refined, and easy to carry. There is no doubt that the 60% keyboard is the perfect choice for minimalists who don’t like laptop keyboards.

Is a 60 keyboard good for gaming?

Maybe you want to ask, is 60% of keyboards suitable for gaming? Are 60% worth buying? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to these two questions. Because for different people, their needs and ideas are different. Below I’ll list the advantages and disadvantages of 60% keyboards to help you decide.
60 Keyboard Advantages
All the advantages of the 60 keyboard have to do with its smaller, more MINI body.
1. Take up less desktop space
Taking up less desk space means more things can fit on your desk, whether it’s a stereo, headphones, a water bottle or your phone. Or, it can make your desktop look cleaner instead of cluttered. In addition, you can better position your keyboard and mouse. Reasonable placement will help relieve your hand fatigue and make you feel more comfortable.
2. Easy to carry
The 60 keyboard is smaller in size and naturally lighter in weight. Your backpack may not be able to fit a full-sized keyboard, but for a 60 keyboard, this should be easy as it is usually less than 30cm long.

60 Keyboard Disadvantages
1. Some function keys are missing
Undoubtedly, because the function key area and number area on the right side are missing, if you need to use these function keys frequently, this is indeed a headache. Some players are accustomed to the layout of the number buttons on the right, because each number button is very close, which is more convenient to use. If you use the number keys above the keyboard, because they are far apart, you usually need to carefully look for the location of each key.
2. Not suitable for multi-person operation
If you often use your keyboard to play games with your friends, then a 60% layout keyboard isn’t for you either. First of all, the preset keys of the original system need to be modified in sequence. Second, due to the reduction in the number of keyboard keys, there are fewer optional keys, and you and your friend’s four hands are protected in an area less than 30CM wide. It is conceivable How crowded and inconvenient.

Conclusion: The 60% keyboard is indeed a very good keyboard, and it is worth buying experience, but it is not suitable for everyone. If you need to carry the keyboard out frequently, like to streamline the layout to save space, or want to experience the unique touch of a mechanical keyboard when using a laptop, then I highly recommend you to buy a 60% gaming keyboard.
If you need to use the ribbon keys on the right a lot, and often use the keyboard with friends, then I would recommend an 80% keyboard or a full-size keyboard.

Next, I will introduce two of COOL BURN’s best 60% gaming mechanical keyboards. They are both wireless and wired connection. One of them has four colors of black, white, blue and pink to choose from, and the other is only black. Prices are all under $40.


Model: CB-K28
Number of keys: 61 (60% mini)
Material: ABS
Interface: Wireless and wired(Bluetooth/USB C)
Light color: RGB Light
Anti-ghosting: All Keys
Rechargeable: YES
Switch (Shaft): Mechanical (Tea/Red/Green axis)
Ergonomics: Support
Color: Black/White/Blue/Pink
Feature: One Keyboard For Two Or Multiple Computers

One of the great advantages of CB-K28 is that it has 2 connection modes, one is wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.0. Through this mode, he can store 3 devices at the same time, such as your mobile phone, computer, tablet. By pressing the “FN” + “QWE” three keys, the connected devices will be switched correspondingly, so that one keyboard can control multiple devices at the same time. Another connection method is the USB Type C wired connection method, which can be used directly when connected to a computer. At the same time, it is also a charging cable. After connecting, it starts to charge. The 2000Ma large-capacity battery allows you to use it for a long time without worrying about running out of power. The keyboard has an automatic sleep function. If it is not used for 2 minutes, it will turn off all the backlights and enter standby mode. If it is not used for 30 minutes, it will enter deep sleep. Press any key to wake up the keyboard.

This keyboard has a total of 61 keys. The F series keys are assembled on the number keys above. Press “FN” + number keys to achieve corresponding functions. The keycaps are made of two-color injection molded ABS keycaps, which have good light transmission and will never fade. The 61 keys are designed with full-key no-rush, no matter how many keys you press at the same time, there will be no conflict between them, which can achieve fast response when playing games. The shaft body adopts a special mechanical shaft body, which can be selected from three types of shaft bodies: green shaft, red shaft and brown shaft. The green axis is characterized by a strong sense of paragraph, and when pressed, it will produce a crisp clicking sound, which is suitable for users who like a strong sense of percussion. The tea axis has a weak sense of paragraph and moderate pressure, which is more suitable for the general public. The red axis is a linear axis, straight up and down, low sound, low pressure, and soft and comfortable feel.

The keyboard adopts RGB backlight, there are more than 10 lighting modes, and the brightness of the light and the speed of light change can be adjusted. Through “FN” + “P”, “FN” + “[{” can realize the adjustment of light brightness, a total of four levels of brightness (100%-75%-35%-OFF). Use “Fn”+””” to reduce the backlight conversion speed; “Fn”+”;:” to increase the backlight conversion speed, a total of four levels of speed can be adjusted.

The keys of the keyboard adopt an ergonomic stepped high and low key layout, which is more suitable for the natural posture of the human arm, and will not tire your hands for a long time.

The keyboard has a total of 4 colors of black, white, blue and pink to choose from. Red and blue make people feel energetic, while black and white give people a sense of rigor, high pressure and concentration.

The bottom of the keyboard is equipped with 4 non-slip feet to prevent it from sliding easily on the desktop.


Model: CB-TMK61
Number of keys: 61/87/108
Material: ABS + Metal
Interface: Wireless and
wired(BT/2.4G/USB C)
Light color: RGB Light
Anti-ghosting: All Keys
Rechargeable: YES
Switch (Shaft): Mechanical (Blue Switch)
Palm rest: Support
Response rate: 1000Hz
Ergonomics: Support
Custom: Support

The CB-TMK61 keyboard is a rare wireless mechanical keyboard on the market that supports 3 connection methods at the same time. You can connect it to your device via any one of Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless receiver or USB Type C wired. In addition to that, it is eye-catching that a circle of silver metal edges is embedded in its frame, with a quiet black theme, which makes it look more elegant.

The keyboard rate of return adopts a 1000Hz scheme, and the frequency of transmitting data once in 1 millisecond allows it to monitor your keystroke information at any time and give extremely fast keystroke feedback. In addition, its 61 keys are designed with full-key anti-ghosting, which can achieve fast response when playing games.The keyboard keys use outemu’s blue-axis mechanical shaft, which can withstand 50 million taps.The keycap material is a two-color ABS injection keycap, each key has good light transmittance and will never fade.

The keyboard adopts RGB color backlight, more than 10 lighting modes, such as always on, marquee, streamer and so on. The backlight supports 4-level brightness adjustment and 4-level speed adjustment. Press “FN” + “space” to switch the backlight in one piece. The keyboard is equipped with an intelligent power-saving mode. If it is not used for 2 minutes, all lights will be turned off, and if it is not used for 30 minutes, it will enter a deep sleep. To wake it up, just hit any key. The keyboard uses a rechargeable built-in battery. When the battery is too low, the keyboard will flash a red indicator to indicate that the battery is too low. Insert the provided detachable USB cable to charge.

It is a pity that the 61-key and 87-key versions of this keyboard do not come with a hand rest, but if you buy a 108-key full-size keyboard, you will be given a matching detachable hand rest.

The keys of the keyboard adopt an ergonomic stepped high and low key layout, which is more suitable for the natural posture of the human arm, so that the hands will not be tired for a long time.

Similarly, this keyboard is also available in four colors, black and white, blue and pink. Blue and pink are vibrant, and black and white are more quiet and calm.