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Why choose a lightweight mouse

1. The rise of lightweight mice

Lightweight mouse is a very popular mouse trend now. Now major mouse manufacturers are scrambling to seize this part of the market, and their mouse promotions have made great efforts in this aspect. But do you know why the lightweight mouse suddenly entered people’s field of vision and started to explode? In fact, everything actually originated from a game called “Fortnite (Fortress Night)”. “Fortnite” is a third-person shooting game developed by Epic Games, which is well-known for its special gameplay and various linked easter eggs. In the PVP mode, if you want to outperform your competitors, in addition to the standard marksmanship, you also need very good skills in building bunkers. Players need to build a bunker, a slope, and a foundation in each of the four directions in a very short period of time. If the construction is too slow, the foundation will be smashed by the enemy, and then there will be no cover. All, building bunkers has high requirements on hand speed and mouse dexterity.

Under such circumstances, many game bloggers began to recommend very light mice for players to meet the mouse sensitivity requirements for building walls in Fortnite. After that, it evolved into the lighter the mouse, the better. At the same time, Finalmouse x Ninja Air58, a contemporaneous product of finalmouse, started to catch fire.

2. Is it necessary to choose a lightweight mouse?

I don’t know if you have noticed a phenomenon, that is, some game anchors or professional game players in the game circle began to suffer from tenosynovitis, ganglion cysts and other wrist diseases. For example, professional e-sports players such as TTG Tied Rabbit, QGhappy Flying Bull, estarpro Promise, RNG UZI, LGD godv, etc., all suffered from wrist diseases, which had a great impact on their careers, and some professional players also retired because of this. .

Are tenosynovitis, ganglion cysts and other diseases related to the mouse?

The occurrence of tenosynovitis is related to chronic strain, and it is more common in computer operators. Frequent continuous use of fingers and wrist joints for a long time is likely to cause this disease.
The pathogenesis of ganglion cysts is not only related to chronic strain, but also related to mucous degeneration of connective tissue.
Professional players need to perform long and high-intensity training every day, which brings a lot of burden to the wrist joints, and problems such as tenosynovitis and soft tissue contusion follow one after another. In addition to the time of use, the weight of the mouse itself is also an important factor. The heavier the mouse, the more force the fingers and wrist need to exert when moving the mouse, which aggravates the fatigue of the wrist and is more likely to cause the degeneration of the connective tissue. The lightweight mouse can minimize the burden on the hand.

3. Is the lighter the mouse the better?

First of all, we need to understand a concept, “lightness” is only the premise of lightweight, in addition, the comprehensive performance in all aspects is good or even top-level, performance, materials, feel, quality, positioning and price must maintain a certain level, and It is not to say that cutting corners to reduce the internal materials or hollowing out the weight to make the weight light is lightweight. There are two reasons why the mouse is lightweight, one is to improve the mouse operation accuracy by reducing the weight of the mouse, and the other is to reduce the weight of the mouse. The pressure on fingers and wrists. If you blindly pursue the performance and material of a light and castrated mouse, it will not be worth the gain. Some manufacturers reduce the weight of the mouse by castrating the side buttons of the mouse and using micro-movement patches, but this will bring about the feel of the mouse. Loss and operational insensitivity.

Is there a perfect weight for a gaming mouse?

In fact, there is no perfect answer to the multiple comparison of the mouse, it depends on each person’s different usage habits and experience. For some players, even if they use a fully bred mouse, it will still feel light if it reaches more than 120g. And another part of the players will feel uncomfortable even if they use an 80g mouse. Although there is no standard mouse weight, there are two weight ranges that are highly recognized, namely 60-80g and 80-100g. These two ranges are the mouse weights that most people will feel comfortable using.

4. Common ways of lightweight mouse

4.1 Punch holes:

In order to achieve a lightweight effect, many gaming mice choose to partially perforate the mouse shell, which can reduce the weight of the mouse with the same size, but the perforation design is visually difficult to achieve the original aesthetic level. , a large number of holes in the use experience are not very friendly to a small number of players who are prone to grip.

4.2. Reduced size:

The design of reducing the original size can also achieve the lightweight effect of the gaming mouse, and the design of this method is more inclined to the choice of small and medium-sized users, which is not suitable for users with larger hands.

4.3. Structure optimization, lightweight material selection:

On the road of lightweight mouse, this optimization method is rarely used. By optimizing the design of the internal structure of the mouse and optimizing the selection of mouse materials, this lightweight design can effectively reduce the weight of the mouse while at the same time. The form factor of the original mouse is preserved, and the appearance is not affected.

AIWO Honeycomb Lightweight Red White Wireless Gaming Mouse With RGB Rainbow Light

Cool Knight Ⅲ:

It can be clearly seen from the pictures that the third-generation Cool Knight uses a metal skeleton, which makes it look better and has a better touch.

The 3rd generation is equivalent to the second generation and the following upgrades have been made:

  • 62g Magnesium alloy frame
    Magnesium alloy metal frame and weighs only 62g. The lighter weight can bring a better gaming experience, and the magnesium alloy material brings the ultimate touch.
  • PAW 3399 gaming chip
    PAW3399 professional gaming chip, with DPI up to 20000, is perfectly capable of all your possible usage scenarios. With 650IPS and 50G acceleration, your mouse can run perfectly even in high-speed movement. The highest rate of return is 1000HZ, which greatly reduces the situation of mouse frame dropping
  • Wireless 3-mode connection
    Compared with Cool Knight II, Cool Knight III adds Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection on the basis of the original USB Type-C wired connection and 2.4G wireless connection, which can no longer occupy the USB connection port.

Other parameters:

  • Independent drive adjustment
    With the driver independently developed by our company, the choice of lighting mode and color can be realized, supporting 16.8 million colors; the function of each button can be freely defined; the DPI value can be freely adjusted from 50 to 19000; the polling rate, refresh rate, and parameters can be freely adjusted
    Download driver
  • Replaceable back cover
    Same as the first and second generation, Cool Knight series mouse is equipped with 2 mouse back covers, 1 honeycomb design and 1 regular design. The honeycomb-shaped back cover can reduce the weight of the mouse itself, while also enhancing the cooling function. But some players don’t like this design, so we also prepared a normal back cover.
  • AT automatic sterilization and disinfection technology
    The Cool Knight III mouse surface treatment adopts our self-developed AT technology, and the elimination rate of 4 viruses such as Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Klebsiella pneumonia / H1N1 virus on the surface of the object is 99.9%.
    Its working principle is that the natural disinfection and sterilization effect of plant components cooperates with the strong oxidizing power of photocatalysis and the synergistic effect of silver ions, which rapidly destroys the cell membrane of bacteria, causes a large number of bacteria to lose and die, coagulates the protein of the virus, inhibits the activity of the virus, and kills the virus.
  • Bottom 3-speed switch
    There is a button at the bottom of the mouse with 3 gears, corresponding to light mode, off, no light mode, which can effectively save power
  • Rechargeable battery
    The mouse has a built-in 600mah lithium battery, if you use it for 8 hours a day, it can be used for about 20 days when you turn off the power after each use.
  • Widely compatible
    Compatible with Win 7 /Win8/Win10/Windows VISTA Windows XP and other systems

Cool Knight:

NameCool Knight ⅠCool Knight Ⅱ
Number of keys77
DPI1000/2000/3200/4800/6400/12000(switchable)200-10000(6 Mode adjustable)
InterfaceUSB WiredWired & Wireless(USB Tpye-C & 2.4G Wireless)
Macro programming(Independent drive)Not supportSupport(Color/DPI/Function/Macro)
Light color7 color 13 kind of mode16.8 million color
Gaming ChipnormalPMW3325
Weight adjustment6*5G weightsNot support
Replaceable cover2 Pieces(Full and honeycomb) 2 Pieces(Full and honeycomb)
At sterilization and disinfection Support Support

The Cool Knight series mouse is our latest professional gaming mouse, and it is also our most proud mouse. Here are some descriptions about the product.

  • Appearance treatment:
    The mouse surface adopts the world’s unique patented technology, 3D + inkjet printing technology. More materials can be processed, more effects can be processed, and the processed results are better.
  • PMW3325 game chip:
    5000CPI, 100IPS, 20G acceleration, 1000Hz rate of return, which can meet the needs of most gamers.
  • Independent driver adjustment:
    With the independent driver developed by our company, it can realize the free adjustment of parameters such as lighting mode and color, key function, DPI value, polling rate and so on.
  • Wireless dual-mode connection:
    There are two connection modes: USB Type C and 2.4Ghz, which can be selected according to your needs.
  • Replaceable back cover:
    Cool knight series mice are equipped with 2 mouse back covers, one with honeycomb design and one with conventional design. The honeycomb back cover can reduce the weight of the mouse itself and also enhance the cooling function. But some players don’t like this design, so we also prepared a regular back cover.
  • AT automatic sterilization and disinfection technology:
    The mouse surface treatment adopts our exclusive AT technology, which can effectively eliminate 99.9% of Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Klebsiella pneumonia / H1N1 virus.
    The natural disinfection and sterilization effect of plant ingredients, and the strong oxidative power of photocatalysis and the synergistic effect of silver ions, quickly destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, cause the bacterial mass to be lost to death, coagulate the protein of the virus, inhibit the activity of the virus, and kill the virus.

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